Pamirs (Tajikistan) and Kyrgyzstan 2014

This route is a follow-up of the Karakorum Highway 2014, therefore the numbering and everything will continue from there ok? Do not think I’m missing initial 13 days…

We didn’t know this route even existed (to be honest, I wasn’t even quite sure where Tajikistan is)… and found out it was packed with cycling travellers!! It’s definitively an easy and very spectacular route that I’d recommend to every cyclist.
Huge variations of scenary, great cultures and a very nice route to cycle made this a trip we won’t forget easily. Do not worry too much about altitude, everything’s much more easier than what it seems.
I’m including some info regarding borders as well here. It can be one of the biggest nightmares, to get the visa (and GBAO) needed… or it could be really simple to you as well, you never know. Depends on the route you take and the planning you’ve got.

Day 13: Ulugqat – Kyzyl Suu
Day 14: Kyzyl Suu – Kyzyl Art (Kyrgyzs border)
Day 15: Kyzyl Art – Karagul lake
Day 16: Karagul lake – Muzkol
Day 17: Muzkol – Murgab
Day 18: Murgab – Nayzatash
Day 19: Nayzatash – Tagarkaki
Day 20: Tagarkaki – Jilandi
Day 21: Jilandi – Khorog
Day 22: Ishkashim market (not cycling)
Day 23: Khorog – Rhugan
Day 24: Rhugan – Shapid
Day 25: Shapid – Kyrobap
Day 26: Kyrobap – Kalaikhum
Day 27: Kalaikhum – Khaburabat
Day 28: Khaburabat – Salipud
Day 29: Salipud – Obigarm
Day 30: Obigarm – Dushanbe
Day 31: Dushanbe – Gushari
Day 32: Gushari – Ayni
Day 33: Ayni – Hov
Day 34: Hov – Konibodon
Day 35: Konibodon – Batken
Day 36: Batken – Kadamzhai
Day 37: Kadamzhai – Osor
Day 38: Osor – Osh


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