Norway 2013

I was in the country for a visit, and I also had few days left (I couldn’t really stay with my friends that long; that’s another story)… so I decided to bring my bike with me. Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and, if the weather helps, can make a great ride. I had my fingers crossed hoping to be one of the lucky ones to see the norwegian sun!

Norway is even more beautiful than the pictures. It’s expensive, but not that much if you avoid proper restaurants, proper hotels and alcohol. It rains a lot but it’s sunny very often too. The weather usually changes quite a lot during summer days. Expect a little bit rain and a little bit of sun almost every day.

This one is a minitrip. That doesn’t mean I enjoyed it less than others!

Day 1: Grotli – Geiranger

Day 2: Geiranger – Hornindal

Day 3: Hornindal – Grotli

Day 4: Laerdal – Aurland – Fam



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