Mongolia 2012/08

What’s in Mongolia? Why would you go to Mongolia? Actually, where is Mongolia? Those are couple of questions I heard before this journey. Most of my mates thought I was crazy, or that I was kind of weird. Nobody thought going on your own to cycle across Mongolia was something you could call “holidays”. Nobody but me, of course.

(Yep, I know, that one sounds like Arnie… That’s me!)

Mongolia is a huge, relatively unexplored, virgin, great country. It’s also one of those cyclists’ paradise. The air is pure and rivers are clean and the sky is blue. But it might no be the bestest place ever for holidays. I’ll give you my opinion and details of my trip, hope it’s useful for you!

Because, above it all, it’s a country where you MUST go cycling!mongolia

Day 1: Ulan Bator airport – city centre

Day 2: Ulan Bator – 30 kms east of Lün

Day 3: Around Lün

Day 4: Lün – Dashinchilen

Day 5: Dashinchilen – Gurvanbutag and beyond

Day 6:  Gurvanbutag – Hashaat – Kharkhorin

Day 7: Kharkhorin – Tsenkher

Day 8: Tsenkher – Ikhtamir

Day 9: Ikhtamir – Öndör Ulaan

Day 10: Öndör Ulaan – Tariat

Day 11: Tariat – near Tsagannuur

Day 12:  Lost! Near Tsagannuur

Day 13:  Hödöö nuur area – Jargaland

Day 14: Jargalant – Shine Ider and beyond

Day 15: Mörön

Day 16: Mörön – Ikh-Uul

Day 17: Ikh-Uul – Khutag-Öndör or Hulgat or Hulbat

Day 18: Khutag-Öndör or Hulgat – Bulgan

Day 19: Ulan Baator


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