Karakorum Highway (Pakistan and China) 2014

I’ll split this trip in 2, just because lots people will do either one part of what we did or the other one.
The so-called Karakorum Highway is long route between Islamabad in Pakistan, and Kashgar in China. We were expecting lots of cycling tourists here but we only found 2. And that’s not fair, since:
1. It’s one of the most spectacular places I’ve ever visited (and that includes people and culture as well)
2. It’s quite an easy route!!
There’s lots to say about Pakistan and China, so I’ll include some specific chapters about travelling, security and some other info I found useful.

This road is ever-changing, so expect some variations in future years: lots of roads under construction but lots of roads that will break in-between as well.

Oh! And it’s as safe as it can. No worries about war, terrorism nor anything like that. Having said that, this was one of the times I was closer to death as well. Still, it’s totally worth the effor!!

This was also the first (long) trip I made with company in a (long) while. Maybe you’ll find some differences compared to other trips…

Day -1: Rawalpindi
Day 0: Rawalpindi – Chillas (bus)
Day 1: Chilas – Talechi
Day 2: Talechi – Gilgit
Day 3: Gilgit – Ghulmat
Day 4: Ghulmat – Gulmit
Day 5: Gulmit – Sost
Day 6 & 7: Kunjerab pass (border crossing by bike)
Day 8: Sost – Tashkurgan (bus)
Day 9: Tashkurgan – Karakul Lake
Day 10: Karakul Lake – Ka Latashi
Day 11: Ka Latashi – Kashgar
Day 12: Kashgar – Ulugqat
Day 13: Ulugqat – Kyzyl Suu (Kyrgyzstan)


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