Here are some opinions about some of the countries I’ve visitied. Again, only opinions, not the truth…


More than an opinion about Tajikistan, what I found about Tajik people. And NOT all of them live in Tajikistan! Includes prices etc.

Kyrgizs country

Just as it happens with Tajiks, not all kyrgyzs live in Kyrgyzstan. And there’re some differences between them.

Western China

So many things I have heard and read over the years about China, and i finally had the chance to go check them myself. I only ended up in a small part of China which, maybe, shouldn’t even be considered China.

Northern Pakistan

Pakistan is not related AT ALL to that image we get on the media these days. Still, a differenciation should be made between the northern area (the one I know) and the southern one, where things are harder for “foreigners” – and that doesn’t mean only Westerners but anybody (even pakistani people) who hasn’t been born in the area.


We know almost nothing about this strange country… and after being there, I’m still not sure I know much more than before. But I do have an idea.


This is a country to which I’m very related. Still, when I wrote this it was only my first and most objective description of the area.


This opinion only refers to the jungle and mountain area; nothing about the coastline and life there mentioned here, sorry. Basically, because i don’t know – I didn’t go there!


A GREAT country I wished I knew better. Still, I lived enough adventures there to form an opinion… or so I think.


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