Material: recommendations

Not a big fan of untested material, I’ll like to include some devices/brands/gadgets I’ve been using over last years, and my opinion on them. Warning: do not expect comments on good things only. Bad reviews will be included!

Water filters: Katadyn

Expensive as this might be, it’s a good idea to carry a water filter. And it’s very environmentally friendly: you do not create plastic waste from buying bottled water in areas where there’s no recycling scheme.

I know there are different systems to filter the water, and some (lots!) are cheaper. I have tried a few systems myself. Still, I’d recommend this one. Read more…

My mark: 8/10

Saddlebags: Ortlieb

These are the most expensive (and prestigious) bags I’ve ever used when cycling. And they were really dissapointing, to be honest. I was expecting them to be a good inversion I could use in the future but they ended up as a single-use item. I know, only my opinion, and lots of people trusting this brand, but not my thing. Not anymore. Read more…

My mark: 2/10


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