Ortlieb Back Roller Plus saddlebags

My mark: 2/10

I’ve used many saddlebags during my travels, and these ones were the most expensive ones I’ve ever had. I guess that’s why I was so dissapointed. Fair enough, they work really well against water and rain, but that’s it. Nothing you can’t achieve with some plastic bags on cheapear bags. Yes, I really regret buying these. Maybe they are good in paved road, but the second you go offroad you’ll have plenty of problems. Anyway, I’ll try to be objective:


  1. They’re quite big and they really are waterproof.
  2. They are really light.


  1. Installation is supossed to be easy but it’s not:
    1. The hanging points need some adaptors that break and get lost easily. It can happen in the middle of a trip, anytime. Most of cyclists I found complained about this.
    2. The device to stop the bags from moving horizontally is pretty crap. When offroad, it gets loose all the time. You need something to tight it (an elastic band is very helpful). Therefore, it’s not fast to assemble them at all.
  2. There is the risk of falling, due to both previous issues. And even if you try your best (I did!) to solve them, they can fall
  3. They break. The light material is also VERY weak. Mine is broken because it fell in the middle of the road. I wasn’t going very fast, must say. Therefore, no more waterproof for me. I think older models can withstand that impact without a problem.
  4. The bottom is also a problem if you put the saddlebags “standing up” on the floor.
  5. The hanging system bends after a few days using it, and therefore makes it harder to instal.

From what I’ve seen in other travellers, the ones from Vaude are better, especially much harder (but also more expensive).


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