Katadyn water filter

My mark: 8/10

I’ve used the Katadyn Combi filter. I don’t think a water filter is necessary in lots of places, but it definitively gives you a great piece of mind and it’s quite environmentally friendly. I found it almost a must in China, Tajikistan, Pakistan and Mongolia (yep, kettle can make water really dirty in lots of places). Perú as well, but there are many more places where you can but bottled water – again, not very eco.

Pros of this product:

1. It filters water and eliminates bacteria. You can find this cheaper “bars” or pills you put in water and clear bacterias, but they don’t filter the water. Very useful in areas with minery.

2. It is very robust. Easy to carry in your saddlebag and not worry much about it.

3. The company. We had one strange problem with our unit, and they gave us a new one. On top of that, they keep track of their products and have good policies.

4. It’s almost forever: they guarantee a 50.000 litre life on the ceramic filter (the critical one) which is almost forever…


1. The price. Quite expensive. Still, lots of countries try to charge something like 1 euro or 1 USD per bottle of water, so the payback time can be quite short.

2. You need to do the proper maintenance work. Clean the ceramic filter VERY often, and a little bit of oil in the rings sometimes.

3. The bag: the filter itself is very robust and hard to break, but the bag they give you is quite silly and the extras don’t fit in properly. I know, not a big deal really.


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