Pakistan – China – Tajikistan – Kyrgyzstan 2014. Day 38: Osor – Osh

9th of August, 2014


Click on map to see map

This is it. End of the road for me. Happy and sad, this was my last day on this trip. When I first planned this tour, I thought this would be my last “big” cycling trip. Now I’m not that sure, since lots of things have changed ever since. We’ll see.

The day started uphill. Surprisingly uphill and surprisingly hard as well. At least it was short and the road got better the moment you pass the river in Osor. These last kilometers you ride in the middle of the desert and away from any town (but there are still some shops here and there). It’s a very easy ride, and even the traffic wasn’t too bad (or maybe the fact that it was saturday made it easier).

At this time there were some huge roadworks in the middle of the big bazaar, just by the river, so crossing the city west to east there was not possible. Therefore I stayed at an old Russian hotel there.

And so my trip ended. Bye bye central Asia, bye bye countristan. I’m going to miss you. Thanks for being so good to me.



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