Pakistan – China – Kyrgyzstan – Tajikistan 2014. Day 31: Dushanbe – Gushari

2nd of August, 201428 Dushanbe - Gushari

Click on image to see map

After some days of visa and airplane issues (I’ll describe them on another section, since they’re quite relevant), I was back in the road. From here onwards I’d ridenon my own, so the days might be a little bit different. Just warning, in case you see some difference.

I started riding at 5pm of a saturday, and that was quite a good choice. Leaving Dushanbe was really easy but I guess that’ll always be; the road after Dushane though was really busy, and I think that’d be worse on workdays. Also, the temperature was really nice at that time of the day. The thruth is wanted to leave really early in the morning but I couldn’t due to airplane issues; maybe it was for the best in the end.

Leaving Dushanbe I found some of the nicest spots in this otherwise boring city:
1. There’re lots of paintings describing the history of the country at the top of the road, just before the city comes to an end.
2. There’s a nice and big public free swimming “pool” couple of kilometers past the motorway toll. Nice place to spend a day.

Yes, there is a “motorway” when you leave Dushanbe. But actually it’s nothing more than a normal, single-line road. The asfalt is very good though and it’s not very steep, so it makes a very easy ride. Sadly, the traffic is pretty heavy and cars can drive really fast.
It’s also true that there’s a toll there, but it doesn’t apply to bikes. Enjoy!

There’re lots of towns in part of the country, and most of them seem pretty prosperous. No industry nor agriculture though, so I guess it’s richer people from the city living here. Houses are nice, and there’re lots of swimming pools and tennis courts in the area.

The road goes through a low canyon, and the scenary is very nice. It’s a great place for cycling really. After so many days without peddaling, it felt like flying!

I must say that I finished the day on the last “town” on this road, Gushari I think it’s called. After these few houses by the toll, there’ll be just a shop here and there, but nothing else until after the “Death Tunnel”.



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