Pakistan – China – Kyrgyzstan – Tajikistan 2014. Day 29: Salipud – Obigarm

27th of July, 201426 Salipud - Obigarm

Click on image to see map

The day started late for us after yesterday’s long one. But we didn’t expect that though, since we slept on the street, by a restaurant, close to the road and a truck stopping place. This, by the way, is very common (and also confortable and cheap!!) in this area.

Anyway, waking up late wasn’t the only unexpected thing of this day.
1. The road is not paved here. We expected it to be, since last kilometers of previous day were over some smooth asfalt. But nothing like that. Sandy and relatively bumpy every so often, mixed with some asfalt bits.
2. We expected downhill with some short uphills, but the uphills were REALLY long and the downhill is only so on average.

Sadly, we expected heat… and we had it. Wished we had missed that one as well!

There’re towns every nlw and then so no big worries for water. We even found a small market in one of them located halfway through (km 21).

The road gets paved in Rhugan. By then the scenary is really weird, with a neverending open mine on the other side of the river. Rhugan itself, even if we only saw it from far away, looks weird, an overgrown city located where it shouldn’t be. Not the nicest place of the trip definitively. Oh, and the “official” entry is at the top of the pass that’s about to start.

From Rhugan (or Rogan, depending on where you read it) onwards is uphill. Maybe it was the paved road or maybe the fact that it wasn’t that hot already, but it didn’t feel very hard, even though some short hills were close to 6% of slope.

And so we made it to the town of Obigarm. Another uninteresting town that not even a dirty and old hot spring could make nice. Anyway, a good night’s stop.



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