Pakistan – China – Kyrgyzstan – Tajikistan 2014. Day 30: Obigarm – Dushanbe

28th of July, 201427 Obigamp - Dushanbe

Click on image to see map

Last day of our trip as a group. From here onwards it’d be me on my own for couple of weeks. And just to make this day even more “special”, it was Ramadan (or a special day whithin Ramadan; sorry, I’m not an expert). Which means that everything I say today might not be aplicable to every other day. Just a warning!

We woke up to an empty town, where everybody had gone to the muskee. So no breakfast and the remaining of the pass in front of us. Gladly, the pass was very easy and we finished it quite fast. Good asfalt here, by the way, and the same all the way to Dushanbe.

This day felt like one really long town, since the moment one finishes next one starts. The in-betweens are full of cultivated fields, which gives you a feeling of being in a different country. The scenary is “different” here, nice and pretty but not as spectacular as it was on previous days. It is VERY hot again as well, by the way.

Our idea was to stop for the night in Vhardar, just to enter Dushanbe early in the next morning. But
1. There’s nowhere to stay in Vhardar, nor to camp
2. Everything was closed (but there was millions of people out there), so the town had a strange feeling.

Continuing to Dushanbe is just an easy ride through a double- or triple- line motorway. Cows can be in the very middle making it a little bit unsafe, and cars driving too fast don’t help neither, but it’s still safe enough (the hard shoulder is wide and relatively clean).

There’s a tram line in Dushanbe that was empty this day, so getting into the city was really easy. I guess on a “normal” day it’d be harder but still easy enough.

And regarding Dushanbe… I think I rather write about this when I leave the city!



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