Pakistan – China – Kyrgyzstan – Tajikistan 2014. Day 26: Kyrobap – Kalaikhum

24th of July, 201423 Kyrobap - Kalaikhum

Click on image to see map

Since this was going to be another short day, we decided to try to cycle only in the morning. By 11-12am the heat was unbearable so we needed a day like this. We made it, but so-so. It gets really hot really early and all the ups and downs are quite tiring. But we made it (the fact that we were a little bit lazy in the mornings didn’t help much).

The road is nice here. Maybe not as nice as on previous days but nice enough. The landscape changes slightly, transforming into something more desert-like. The asfalt comes and goes. You get closer to the Afghan side at the beginning (close enough to see Afghan people very close up) and it get’s more official/policial towards the end (and therefore uglier and dirtier and more distant).

And in the end, Kalaikhum, a “real” town. I don’t know if I was happy to see this long road with couple of shops, banks and cars. At least the river is ultra-clean and we could get a shower and a proper bed before dissapearing again into the mountains.



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