Pakistan – China – Kyrgyzstan – Tajikistan 2014. Day 25: Shapid – Kyrobap

23rd of July, 201422 Shapid - Kyrobap

Click on image to see map

The day started just as we left it on previous night: great. But it didn’t last too long, since the moment you get close to the crossroad towards Vanj the place gets dusty (and very sandy), full of trucks, wider and, overall, uglier. The only remarkable thing is that the Afghan side changes a little bit and a rich house emerges: yes, it belongs to “authorities”. It’s the same all over the world…

There’s a very small town at km 25 (there are some others before that as well; actually there’s one every 10 kms or so max). This town was a little bit special for couple of reasons:
There’s no other town for next 20 kms
There’s a shop and a “restaurant” here
And there’re some small pools on the river that falls straight from the mountains.

So yes, it was a nice place to make a stop.

The highlight of the day came after this town. Some 20 kms offroad through a great canyon. If you like offroad (as I do) you’ll like it here. If not, no worries, it’s not so bad. Just careful with trucks that get stuck!!!

Yes, this was another “slow” day. But it was also a very enjoyable one! We ended up camping in the backyard of a restaurant by the road, just facing Afghanistan and saying hi to soldiers that were passing by every so often.



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