Pakistan – China – Kyrgyzstan – Tajikistan 2014. Day 22: Ishkashim market (no cycling)

19th of July, 2014

A day off cycling and the chance to enter Afganistan without a visa. It seemed like a good idea but it wasn’t so much. I’m just writing about it to warn some others…

Public transport to the market costs 40 somoni one way (you could find it for 30). It should take 3 hours to do those 100 kms, but expect some extra time of course. So try to leave early: 6am is a good time.

The market is small as can be, and they sell basically Chinese stuff (or maybe I should say sh*t). You’ll find some local stuff as well, but don’t expect anything big. The market, actually, doesn’t happen in Afganistan but in No Man’s Land: you leave your passport at the Tajik border but do not cross the Afgan one.

The Afgan border is closed on sundays, by the way!! Be careful with that!!Afghan people

The best of the day were those first 20 kms afger Khorgor. Both the river and the mountains are spectacular there. The rest… well, I can say I’ve been to (geographic) Afganistan.



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