Pakistan – China – Kyrgyzstan – Tajikistan 2014. Day 19: Nayzatash – Tagarkaki

15th of July, 201418 Tagarkaki - Jilandi

Click on image to see map

We said goodbye to the green fields and went back into the desert this day. The road all the way to Anchior is very nice, there’re water streams and couple of places to stop for food. The only problem, again, were the strong head winds. And like that we arrived to the strange village of Alichur.

Alichur is a small village with couple of shops and hotels, full of dusty streets and with a small and pretty “town center”. A good place to stop before entering the hot desert. Actually, it’s so hot that trucks are forbidden after the town at midday (they’re stopped at the check point at the exit of the town) because the road is melting and they destroy it. It’s funny to feel the wheels of the bike get stucked in the asfalt or your shoes leaving some marks on the very same asfalt.

The lakes are some of the highlights of the day, especially the salty one (they’re both salty actually, so don’t expect to get water here). CAREFUL: there’s no water on this part. You need to go a little bit higher (see next day).

We didn’t take the crossroad to the Wachan Valley nor the road to the Buchul lake, and stayed on the M41.  The road goes up quite a lot; on top of that, all trucks started to circulate at the same time. And everybody felt quite lazy here, so we decided to camp. Not a bad choice, since it was going to be our last day above 4000m. But if you want to, it’s quite easy to keep going and go over the pass in one day.



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