Pakistan – China – Kyrgyzstan – Tajikistan 2014. Day 18: Murgab – Nayzatash

14th of July, 2014Day 17 Murgab - pass

Click on image to see map

Everybody told us we’d have no water on this route but that the pass was going to be very easy. They were right on th difficulty, wrong on the water and they missed one very important thing: the wind!!

There’s a checkpoint right after Murgab, but we found it empty so we kept going. Soon after that, some very hard slopes told us the uphill had started. The rest of the pass is very easy though. Our only problem were the head winds, which were quite strong by the time we were on the top.

There is water next to the road most of the time so no worries. Only after km 40 it dissapears, but soon after the pass there’re some streams (tip: look for yurks, since they’re always close to rivers). There’s not many towns though: there’s a house at km 46, some yurks (maybe) after the pass and a town where we stopped for the night. The town is far away from the road, and it’s not marked in any map, but it’s there (so the name I found might be wrong). There’s a “hotel” by the road if anybody’s interested (it’s called hotel but…).

The main problem was the wind after the pass. It was VERY strong, and it made it almost harder than the pass itself. With no wind, it’s VERY easy to reach Achilur, since the road is good and it’s slightly downhill. But expect head wind, there won’t be many days without it.

I think the road can be a little bit prettier if you do it in the other direction. At least, the times I looked behind me it seemed prettier. Anyway, it was a very nice cycling day!!!



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