Pakistan – China – Kyrgyzstan – Tajikistan 2014. Day 17: Muzkol – Murgab

12th of July, 201416 Muzkol - Murgab

Click on image to see map

An early start helped us avoid the rain. Yes, it was a rainy day once more. Not heavy rain but still. Not what we expected from the Pamirs.

The pass was surprisingly hard. Also much shorter than what we expected, and the road was in better condition. Still, as you can guess from the profile, it took some effor!

The downhill pays back for everything though. The views are superb, the road is in great condition, it gets warmer (but not too much) and it’s really downhill all the way to Murgab. There’s nothing in between though, so you better be prepared for that (there is one small town some 12 km before Murgab, but by then you don’t really feel like stopping).

And then Murgab. From far away it looks like a really big town, but once there you’ll realize it’s pretty small. Life seems to concentrate around the main Hotel, even though there are some guest houses too. The hotel has a shop and restaurant as well, and you can sleep in yurks as a cheaper option (5 USD). It felt good to be back in civilization for a while.



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