Pakistan – China 2014. Day 11: Ka Latashi – Kashgar

5th of July, 201411 Ka Latashi - Kashgar


Click on image to see map

After a great night’s camping (not a very welcomed activity in China near towns, and something you must be very discreet about), we restarted the road with the idea of arriving early to Kashgar.

A reminder: there is a 3 hour difference between China and Pakistan, which means that the day starts at 4-4.30am in Pakistan and at 7-7.30am in China. Quite a big difference.

The funny thing is that people in this area of China do not like that official time. Therefore they work on their own time, which is 2 hours behind official Chinese time. That can cause some trouble if you’re thinking on buses or trains…

The road to Kashgar is a very easy one. Surprisingly, we found very little traffic!! Lots of towns here and there, and mostly flat, makes it a great place for cycling (specially to cycle fast).

The prettiest thing of the day was the view of the Karakorum range behind you or at your left/right. Impressive and VERY beautiful!! Don’t forget to look around!!!

And then Kashgar. Lots of things to say about this city:
1. Getting in there is very easy. Little traffic and a speed limitation at 50 km/h make it very safe. Also, roads are in a very good state.
2. Surprisingly, I’d say 90% of the vehicles are ELECTRIC, so no fumes and almost no contamination. Very far away from the usual Chinese image of big cities.
3. There are police controls, but they’re very friendly with cyclists/foreigners.
4. And finally, the city. I usually do not like cities at all, but I loved Kashgar. The mixture of new and old, comunist and islamic, Chinese and Pakistani and Tajik and Kyrgis and so many other cultures make it a unique place. Definitively not the China I expected at all!!!



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