Pakistan 2015. Day 5: Gulmit – Sost

29th of June, 20145 Gulmit - Sost

Click on image to see map

The day started with a surprise. The road, as mentioned yesterday, was broken or under construction. But just 3 kms after we left that morning we found that a river had burst and completely broken the road. It’s the river the comes from the glacier nearby.

Solution? The same everybody else was doing. Take off our shoes and push our bikes through some smal rivers (it wasn’t one wide river but lots of small ones coming down a hill). The waters were FREEZING and our feet hurt lots, the currents were quite strong, but it was funny in the end. Some trucks managed to drive through anyway, maybe we should have asked them to put our bikes on them…

So almost an hour and a half later than what we expected, we started the journey. The heat here, even if still hard, is not as bad as in Gilgit. Good, because there’s a hard climb between Gulmit and Passu!! Passu was a little bit dissapointing as a town, with almost no center or shops, just few “hotels” here and there, far from each other. Yes, maybe the surrounding areas are nice but…Blues

We kept going until Khyder, a town we both really liked. The road there is very nice, with no massive climbs nor dramatic descends and with some very nice views (specially some lakes and glaciers). The town itself is small as can be… but it’s increadibly green! Lots of trees and small rivers, everythibg very colourful! It mad the perfect spot for a nap. Besides, we found frozen drinks (no jokes; they gave us a Coke bottle with frozen bits on it). What a moment!!!

From there onwards the road is surprisingly easy all the way to Sost, and the views are increadibly nice as well. So yes, it was a great day.

Sost is made of different parts: the southern entry where quite likely you will not stop, the old Sost up in the mountain where almost nobody goes, and the long street with shops, hotels, restaurants (well, hotels and restaurants pakistani style…), transportation agencies, customs and all those ugly things. We stayed there, yes, even if that doesn’t mean we liked it. It feels like a border town, and actually that’s what it is, even if the border is some 85 kms away. But that’s a story for next day…



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