Opinion: Perú

Perú might not be a perfect country, but it sure does have some ofnthe best features of Ecuador and Colombia!
FRIENDLY. People are very nice!! Not as much as in Colombia, but it was a great change from Ecuador! Expect lots of talking and music everywhere.
SPECTACULAR. Perú is a great country from the point of view of orography. Much more variated than Ecuador in that sense, and more spectacular than Colombia. High and clean waterfalls, unending valleys, deeps canyons, millions of miles of desert, and all of it covered with epic ruins (and I’m not talking only about Macchu Picchu). Also, everything can change really fast… but only if you want to!!
CHEAP. Take away the buses and it’s a cheap country. You can easily live on 10 euros per day (some 40 soles), with proper food and lodge included (well, depends on your standars obviously). I heard Macchu Pichu entry ticket to be really expensive; the rest of the attractions are just ok, so ykur budget shouldn’t be an issue here!
WEATHER. Extreme weathers are likely in such a huge country, but most of them are VERY nice for most of the time. The rainy season os drier than in Ecuador (specially on the coast!!), and it doesnt get as hot as in Colombia. Definitively, a great place to visit. Jist be careful with the rainy season if you’re planning on some altitude-hiking…


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