Colombia-Ecuador-Perú 2013. Day 47: Casma – Tortuga

This is it. Last cycling day. An easy one, just to say goodbye.
I wanted to get to know the coast in that area a little bit, that’s why I did this. Consider it a bonus track 🙂
Comments on this:
1. Trucks and buses drive like crazy on the panamericana. It felt very unsafe. Sideroad is ok but full of cristal lieces or sand very often, so you need to stay on the line… Not that nice.
2. The sand is impressive. I hadn’t seen so much sand in any other desert I’ve visited so far. I really liked it.
3. It’s very windy. Good luck getting tail winds… even though it’s quite likely you’ll get both tail and head winds at some point.
4. Tortuga is suppossed to be a turistic destination. Really?!? It’s very nice because it’s very small, but that’s it really. Don’t even expect a sandy beach!!
5. Pass Tortuga and you’ll find the nicest coastline I’ve seen in Peru. Completely unexplored and hard to reach. Increadible colours and unending sand. The only problem is the over-fishing in the area.
6. Puerto Casma and it’s area of sand piling is much nicer than Tortuga.
7. Be careful with the heat and the sun!! It gets ULTRA hot here!
And now I must admit that this was a great way of finishing the trip. If you manage to end up somewhere near here, I’d recommend you to do this. Also not to cycle in the panamericana.

But never stop cycling.


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