Colombia-Ecuador-Perú 2013. Day 45: Carhuaz – Huaraz

A quiet day, almost like resting.
The truth is it was a day of contrasts. After a slow morning in the sleepy town of Carhuaz (previous night had been raining and everything was on some kind of stand by; I had the same feeling on that sunny morning, so maybe it’s always like that), if found some relatively heavy traffic from here onwards. The road was very good and that may be one of the reasons why. I even found an airport which made everything even more surreal.
On the other hand, the views were superb, with snowed peaks and glaciers everywhere.
You’re supossed to be going uphill all the time, but the truth is you don’t really notice (but you don’t get the feeling of going downhill neither, be sure!).
In the end, the only remarkable thing is that you arrive to Huaraz, which can be a quiet city under any other circumstances, but it felt like the crowdest place ever after the calm and loneliness from my previous week.
Huaraz, itself, is an ugly little city with a big market where you can buy as many fake clothes as you want, go to cinema or theatre, or enjoy those little things you haven’t had for a while.
Or you can leave as soon as you can!


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