Colombia-Ecuador-Perú 2013. Day 43: Yanama – Chacas

2013/12/02yanama - chacas

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I left Yanama later than what I wanted due to a juice that took some 45 minutes to be made (?!?), and started pedalling on a cloudy weather. It looks like it was going to get better… but it didn’t. Also, there was some kind of festivity here and they had bonfire everywhere. I didn’t like it much becuase I had the feeling it was religion-related…

Leaving Yanama straight towards Chacas means uphill. And hard. But the road is in quite a good condition (but unpaved, of course) so it felt really easy for me. Also, the road is made of a solid mixture of mud and stones, it goes through a nice pinetree forest, the weather’s chilled… It felt just like the Basque Country!! We’re just missing the glaciers…

At the top, take right!!! They’d warned me at the town. Good to know. The view from here is not very spectacular but is still very nice. At least if you have good weather. And from there onwards, just downhill.

I stopped on the first “real town” I found (I counted exactly 9 houses, the school and the church) because rain arrived and it didn’t look like kt was going to go away very soon. I spent those almost 2 hours fixing my bike, who was screaming that it needed some urgent repairs (the saddlebag carrier was broken and the back wheel loosing pressure every half a day). Lots of kids around while doing that, and not the nicest ones ever. They wanted to touch everything and play with it; their game was to throw stuff at each other. I was really happy when I left, to be honest, they were getting on my nerves.

I still had some rain when I left; not much though. The problem was that everything was wet and VERY muddy and, sadly, slippery. Yes, I hit the ground quite hard! My mistake though. Should’ve gone slower, shouldn’t have that tyre front… Many reasons. The ground was soft though, so I kept going with no problems.

All this area of full of small towns, so even if something had happened there’d be somebody around to help. It’s hard to be alone here to be honest.

The truth is when I reached Acochaca and found a paved road, I had almost forgotten how great it felt! I was cycling really fast! And I didn’t need to worry about mud, or whether the saddlebags were moving too much, or if the wheels were going to take all those imlacts with all the weight on them, or… Yes, stupid things from a bike traveller. Still, I really enjoyed the offroad ride! It’s just that it was a little bit too hard compared to some others, and only due to road conditions.

From there onwards, some nice 10 kms to Chacas. But uphill, of course!! The view is very nice again here… but I was expecting it to be nicer next day!


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