Colombia-Ecuador-Perú 2013. Day 42: Laguna Llanganuco – Yanama


2013/12/01laguna llanganuco - yanama

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The day didn’t start with as much sun as I wanted to, or as I needed, since I really needed to dry my tent after a whole night raining…

Back in the “road” the big rocks continued. Buses, cars and motorbikes were struggling too. At least, the stunning views compesated for all of that. By far. This place is BEAUTIFUL!

I decided not to walk to the 69 lagoon. You can’t do everything. Also, the weather changes increadibly fast here, and I didn’t want to get wet and my bike soaked before starting uphill. So I left that dor some other day… or trip.

The uphill towards Yanama is hard. Not that much the climb as the road. It’s still VERY hard to cycle here. Anyway, and once again, the views compensate.

If you must choose between this or that 69 lagoon, I’d go for this. Just my opinion. You get to see more, I think.

It was hard, but I made it to the top… and that’s when it started snowing. Strange to think that a day ago I was in the desert!!!!

I couldn’t enjoy the downhill as much as I wanted because of the cold and the rain (I stopped twice under some rocks to wait for the rain to go; as mentioned, the weather changes here every 10 minutes!!). Still, it’s pretty amazing!! It’s a pity you need to focus too much on the road and can’t enjoy the views more…

The road again gets better once you’re out of the park, in Vaqueriza. From there onwards, lots of small “towns” until you arrive to Yanama, which itself is a small town but not as small as others. Locals were complaining that they get almost no turist here. I wonder why, because this route was great!! Still, if they’re complaining because they want more money, they shouldn’t: how come they’ve got a brand new, ultra posh church? What is this building doing here? Aren’t there more important works to do or what? I’ll never understand the church and its lies.


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