Colombia-Ecuador-Perú 2013. Day 37: Huanchaco – Chao



Huanchaco - Chao

Click on the image to see map

After some relaxing (and surfing) days in Huanchaco, back on the road for another relaxing cycling day.

I didn’t like leaving Huanchaco. That town that had looked grim and sad when I arrived had grown on me… But had to keep going!!

As I mentioned somewhere else, I cycled through Trujillo on my way South, instead of using the coastal road. Less trucks. More traffic, but slower. And the chance to visit Trujillo, even if briefly. I liked it better this way. Also, no wind!!!

The most important thing of this route: the traffic is NOT very heavy. There’s always a wide hard shoulder that is not too dirty (some glass pieces here and there) and that only gets sandy ocassionally.

Also, this marks the beginning of a more isolated area: there can easily be 30 km from town to town very often. The scenary is nice if you like desert scenaries.

The worst: head wind most of the time. Not too strong, though. Thanks to that, otherwise, what a hell!! Still, you might need to pedal on downhills… And yes, still almost no flat parts. Always going slightly up or down…

Apart from Salaverry, a town on the outskirsts of Trujillo, I didn’t find any other town/bar/petrol station until (my) km 46. From there onwards, it’s mostly a town after town kind of road until Chao. From Chao onwards, again nothing for another 40 km (ish).

Chao is just a stop in the middle of the road. It has everything you might need, and I really liked its livelyhood, but there’s nothing special there to see.

Not even the sea. It’s weird how far from the sea this region lives when physically is just a mile away… It hasn’t happened anything similar to me anywhere else in the world!!


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