Colombia-Ecuador-Perú 2013. Day 33: Baños del Inca – Aguas Calientes (La Grama)

2013/11/19baños del inca - aguas calientes

Click on image to see map

I guess after last three days’ efforts my mind was tired so I was feeling very lazy this day. So I decided to take it easy. That was in the morning…

I left Los Baños through the so-called Green Valley, a very nice area (it’s a valley that feels quite green). Pass Llacanora it turns again drier as labouring fields reappear. On the downhill towarss Namoro some very pretty rock formations can be seen in the mountains.

All this area is full of small historic sites. So if you’re looking for ruines, paintings, prehispanic paths and similars, they’re very close to the road and it’s a good area. Nothing “big” maybe but more natural than the “big places” I guess.

Left Matara easily and arrived to San Marcos without many news. The road is a nice cycling road; nothing spectacular but very nice. My idea was to stay in San Marcos (I had mentioned I was feeling quite lazy this day)… but then I changed my mind. 3 reasons for this:

1. San Marcos isn’t a very interesting town
2. They still have this bullfighting thing. And I’ve told myself I’d do my best not to spend a coin on towns that support this.
3. Moskitoes were eating me alive. There’re millions of small, hard-biting moskitoes here. I NEEDED to leave that place!!

Leaving the place uphill wasn’t ideal but it ended up bringing the best of the day. The view of the valley from here is nicer; still, not astonishing. The town at the top of the hill is a very nice one; still, seen some similar before. And when you reach the top, the downhill begins…

…and this is good!! The view of the valley is a very nice one (and I wasn’t even lucky with the light!!), the mountains surrounding it are beautiful, and the road itself is great (I could go very fast fornthe first time in a while!!), even if there’re some roadworks that can stop you for up to 30 mins.

My plan was to go all the way to Cajabamba, but somebody in San Marcos (and some more people along the way) mention some hot spring at the end of the downhill. And it happened to be true!! And a nice place actually!!! This made a great and very recommended stop!!


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