Colombia-Ecuador-Perú 2013. Day 29: Tingo – Leymebamba

2013/11/15tingo - leymebamba

Click on image to see map

Another short ride in order to gain some strength. The ride from Tingo is very easy (you don’t almost notice you’re going uphill) and very nice as well. Following the river is a great experience, specially seeing it getting narrower and cleaner.

And something special: only 2 motorbikes overtook me in 40 kms. I found some 5 or 6 cars going in the other direction, but no more. No cars, what an experience! This only increased the feeling of cycling on a bike-path really.

There’re some small villages here and there, and 2 small towns halfaway through. One of them, Yerbabuena, is very nice and can be found at the entry of the trail towards the town of Rehvas. Good for some food if you need it. Still, almost no cars here…

And finally Leymebamba. Another nice town with more things to see than what it may seem like on a first look. The best, in my opinion, is the museum. Careful, if you can’t understand written Spanish you may have a problem there: it’s full of reading panels that describe the history on the whole Chachapoyas region, part of the Inkas and the relationship amongst them, and some other interesting stuff. The highlight, obviously, are the mummies. Honest, you won’t be dissapointed. But that doesn’t mean you’ll like them…

The downturn of the day was finding out that the museum has been constructed thanks to some funding from Austria, Finland and the US. And not Spain. The country that killed every single person here, along with their language and culture, can’t contribute with a penny to keep the little bits that are left. What a shame of a country.


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