Colombia-Ecuador-Perú 2013. Day 27: Pedro Ruiz – Cocachimba (Gocta) – Chachapoyas


pedro ruiz - cocachimba - chachapoyas

Click on image to see map

What a great cycling route!!

The weather here is a little bit colder so there’s no need to start that early. Actually, at 7-7:30am it was still cold-ish by the river.

The uphill is VERY gradual, which means very often you can’t even feel it. A really easy ride through some great and narrow canyons. The scenary is one of the best ones so far also.

Since the road was pretty easy, I tool the crossroad to go and visit Gocta waterfall. It was a great decission, since the waterfall is very nice, and the valley surrounding it as well. I took the southern route, not the one that goes through San Pablo; this way you can see the waterfall earlier (at km 3 of this climb aprox), the uphill is easier, and you can visit Cocachimba, the town where you must pay if you want to hike closer to the waterfall (which I didn’t, since it takes about 2 hours to get there, and you get good views from the town).

The road, unpaved, is in good condition. It’s not too hard to ride.

Back into the main route, the canyon gets even nicer all the way up to km 38 from Pedro Ruiz: that’s when the climb to Chachapoyas begins. I found it quite easy, to be honest. Maybe I just had a good cycling day.

Also, there are lots of places to stop for food/drinks along this route, so no problem on that. And then Chachapoyas… It’s an average town really. Don’t expect any big thing there. It’s a place to start the rest of your travels in the area. Actually, staying in Luya wasn’t a bad idea; the road looks hard but it’s not that much, and the views you get when going up are superb!! Actually, I’d say they are much better than the ones going up to Chachapoyas (but obviously, the climb is much easier to Chachapoyas!).


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