Colombia-Ecuador-Perú 2013. Day 26: Bagua Grande – Pedro Ruiz

2013/11/09bagua grande - pedro ruiz

Click on image to see map

This was a great cycling day, where I met the wrong people (and animals).

I started cycling a little bit earlier than usual: I was on the road by 6:20. It had been raining 3 to 4:30ish so the road was wet and there were some clouds in the sky. That made it for a great start!

Initial kilometers feel like a follow up of last ones from previous day…. without the heat! Lots of rice fields and some mountains in the background. But it’s getting greener little by little, and after km 20ish you enter a canyon that will change everything.

The canyon starts as a dry one and bit by bit, as you go uphill, the surrounding mountains turn huge and a jungle-feeling appears. Lots of waterfalls and a road that goes underneath some rocks sometimes. The prettiest part is 10 km before Pedro Ruiz. There are great bathing places there as well!! The best of all: the uphill is very constant and, specially, easy.

Pedro Ruiz is an average crossroad town, so don’t expect anything special there. The environment in the surrounding areas is great though!! So it can make a nice stop. There are some hot springs nearby as well. And since it’s higher, it’s not that hot anymore (but it can still get pretty hot; anyway, expect more cloudy days here). I wasn’t feeling great in the afternoon though, so I didn’t move around much.

The worst part of the day was police, who were asking for money every so often, and dogs, specially the one that bite my spare wheel. First bite of the trip. I hope it’s the last one. As for police… I can’t write here what I think of police. Police from Perú or from anywhere else.


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