Colombia-Ecuador-Perú 2013. Day 25: Jaén – Bagua Grande

2013/11/08jaen - bagua grande

Click on image to see map

Back in the road!! First real kilometers pedalling in Perú.

Started very early but not as much as I wanted to (7am, I wanted 6), due to the heat. Cycling 7-8am was ok. 8 to 9 started to feel very hot. From 9 onwards it was VERY hot. When I arrived to Bagua Grande at 10:45, I almost couldn’t take it.

The road this side of the country is very good. Cities are (much more) dirtier than in Ecuador, and so are drivers (they throw stuff out of the window all the time), but away from towns and cities road are better. Wider, and the hard shoulders cleaner. Also, not too many ups and downs (the orography helps a lot).

The road turns really nice from the crossroad at Chamaya onwards. You cycle next to a river and through some very nice canyons. Out of there (km 33-ish) it turns into a little dessert. Cactus appear everywhere, and lots of burned trees also. The river is not “clean” anymore but brownie; it also goes far away from the main road. If you try to do the same route through the other, smaller roads, it’s not too hard neither, but don’t forget those roads are unpaved. Dusty and dessert style roads. “Sadly”, who told me that this is the hottest region of the whole country might be right. Arriving to a town at midday feels like an oasis.

Careful with dogs: they are far more aggressive here than in Ecuador and Colombia!! And bigger and scarier as well!! Honest!! (actually, the more menacing ones in Ecuador were the ones not barking; only the small ones were making lots of noise) I’d managed just shouting at them so far, but I needed stronger meassures at this point!!


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