Colombia-Ecuador 2013. Day 20: Oña – Loja

2013/11/02oña - loja

Click on image to see map

What a joke of a day…

The road from Oña onwards is quite similar to the one from Cuenca there, but maybe not that nice (or maybe the sun wasn’t shinning the same way). But it is harder. Or at least I did find it harder. I didn’t have one single flat kilometer this day!!

Most of the uphills are quite constant though, and helps.

Left Oña upwards, only to discover what a nice valley I was leaving behind. No wonder Oña is an Unesco city (even if the town itself is nothing special, and I’starting to think there are too many Unesco towns and that they give them away too easily).

No more towns until the pass (and the nice pinetree forest on the top) were behind. Urdaneta and Saranugo were nice towns halfway through (specially the last one. It has some cheap accomodation and millions of internet places, though). Anyway, the climbing in Saranugo area was the thoughest of the day! Found my first police check in Ecuador. What a joke… People with no safety belt were left to go by, speeding drivers just slowed down a little bit and that was it… and then poor farmers had to show their cars completely, cars with animals had wheel pressure measured… The same kind of crap everywhere. Police.

The top after Saranugo is quite nice, with lots of forests, and the downhill is even better, with the road going through small towns like San Lucas.

I don’t know if the clothes of indigenous people had changed here or if that was only due to being All Saints’ Day. I found lots of services being held up ij the mountains. The clothes I found this day were all black, except maybe small parts of dark blue or dark green. White shirts underneath. The hats were rounder also… They looked quiet different from the colourful previous days, when the dress code was basically a colourful poncho and a flat hat. Here clothes were tighter in the hips as well.

The last pass of the day was really easy (and that’s good, because I was really tired by then!!) and from there onwards, nice mountain views and a great downhill towards the looooong town of Loja. Ecuador is almost over… but first, unpaved roads are waiting!!


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