Colombia-Ecuador 2013. Day 18: Cañar – Cuenca

2013/10/30cañar - cuenca

Click on image to see map

Clouds. Again. I really needed to get away from that valley now…

The day started (unexpectedly) upwards. It was an easy (but long) climb though. And from there onwards it’s mostly downhill all the way to Cuenca. The views at the top are quite nice (I had managed to get rid of the clouds by then!), and so is the downhill.

Biblian is a nice town at the bottom of the valley. The same goes for Azogues, just 3 km down the road. I prefer the first one, since it’s smaller and feels more… natural. The second one gives you a taste of what’s to come with Cuenca.

There are 2 roads to go to Cuenca from Azogues: the main road and a smaller one through the hills. This last one is not easy to find!! Just follow the sign towards the ruins in Azogues (they’re by the main road, facing towards Cañar; that’s why it’s hard to find!!).

I took the main road. Maybe it was a mistake, who knows. There are quite a lot of cars, but not millions. It’s ok to drive there. The only problem is the smoke and the fact that they drive pretty fast. But the road will take you into Cuenca in no time, even if it goes a little bit upwards.

Getting into Cuenca is long, by the way! It is a big city. But quite easy also, so no problem. The smoke from cars maybe… I liked the town centre; for the first time it feels like a nice walking town center. Enjoy it!!


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