Colombia-Ecuador 2013. Day 17: Chunchi – Cañar

2013/10/29chunchi - cañar

Click on image to see map

I started earlier than the day before, and that really helped. I didn’t know I was in cloud region!!

The morning started upwards, as usual. In this area, most of the towns are at the bottom of the valley, so leaving them means going up. But I didn’t expect to go so high again!! The worst, I guess, was the continuos up and down instead of a steady road up.

Clouds filled the environment, and it was a great feeling. There might not be many mountains between this point and the sea, so probably what I was getting were those clouds coming from the ocean.

Surprisingly as well, the view turns green past Chunchi. Trees come back and so do birds. At this point I realized I was missing Amazonia… Anyway, the road is VERY nice until Zhud. There’re also couple of small towns along the way where you can get some food or a drink (no sleeping though).

And from Zhud onwards… I don’t know. Fog came down again and I couldn’t see 10m away from me. So I put head and tail lights on and pedaled to Cañar. More up and downs, some pretty hard, some mlre towns and that was it.

In Cañar I couldn’t see anything at all neither, so I got a well-needed rest. After all, with all those up and downs, I had spent the whole day putting on my jacket and taking it off. But still I had sweat more than what I wanted and I got colder than what I needed. So yes, I had a cold. Crap.


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