Colombia 2013. Day 6: Bruselas – Mocoa


bruselas - mocoa

Click on image to see map

Sun! Blue skies! Finally!

The day started with me being lazy due to being hooked to a book. Whatever. So I left at 8 instead of 7. That extra hour away from the sun could’ve helped…

The route started with a nice climb. A bamboo forest that turned into a populated valley that turned into a jungle forest were the company that morning. Most of the climbing is ok, but towards the end (last 5 km or so), when the kilometers had started to pile up and the road is a little bit more steep, I found it tiring.

There’re shops most of the way through. Only in the very last part they dissapear. Quite a lot of traffic also, mostly of trucks.

The downhill feels great. Honestly. The views are stunning, surrounded by that jungle everywhere. After a while shops appear again. There’s not much traffic after 10 or 11, so it’s just perfect.

Let’s make this clear: it’s not flat or downhill all the way to Mocoa. There are some small hills. 3 specially. They are hard. The midday heat made them harder.

There are couple of places to stay overnight if you can’t make it to Mocoa: San Juan V is one of them, and it’s 50 kms from Bruselas, not 56 like signs say. Closer to Mocoa, there’s Yuquilla.

Those 116 kms from Bruselas to Mocoa are not an easy ride, but can be done easily on a day, since there’re lots of downhills and the road is paved.

I really enjoyed this day, even if I was knackered after the last hills (specially the last ones, when you only have 15 kms left, felt really tiring, even when I did them in the company of a local cyclist). But it’s really pretty there. Can’t think of a better way to enter the Amazonas region!!

At last, just mention the “funny” thing most truck drivers had, since they keep their engines running while they go for lunch or a drink. I had some food at 11ish and couldn’ t even hear what the waitess was saying because two blokes were there with the engines from their trucks running… (by the way, hello Dayana!!) Trucks will be stopped/park in the middle of the road, by the way, so be careful!

Oh! And no sign of FARC at all. Nowhere. But everybody spoke about them, from Popayán to here…


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