Colombia 2013. Day 5: San Agustin – Bruselas

2013/10/14san agustin - bruselas

Click on image to see map

One of the pleasures of long trips is that you’re in no hurry. So I decided to take the morning off pedaling and went for a walk in San Agustin. The circuit that takes you through El Tablón, La Chaquira and La Pelota is nice and varied as can be. You can include the pass of the river Magdalena too.

The truth is the night had been a pain. Music all night long, along with car alarms. A holiday. Try to avoid them (that includes saturday nights!!). Even if the cars are far away, you’ll hear their music from everywhere in San Agustin.

After lunch I headed towards Pitalito. First kilometers, obviously, are very easy. The ones after, also. But they’re not completely downhill, be careful!! There’re bars and shops everywhere too. Nice view, but nothing special. Quite a lot of traffic, mostly due to being a holiday. It should be ok on a normal day.

I was going to go to Pitalito but turned towards Mocoa at the crossroad, and saved some kilometers by doing so. The road turns upwards but it can be barely noticed. Military checks come back here, and so does the traffic. But it’s all ok.

Bruselas seemed like the last town in a while, so I decided to stop there. It’s much more nicer than what the looks from the main road. And the football match locals were playing was brilliant!! I didn’t expect much from Pitalito, so stopping here was a good decision. Quieter and has everything. And closer to the climb next morning…


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