Colombia 2013. Day 2: Mondomo – Popayán


mondomo - popayan

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The day started at 5 am. Not because I wanted, but because of the millions of noisy motorbikes, their horns and the ultraloud music coming from everywhere! The thin walls of my room were shivering!

It was a feria day. And it started at 5am. Whatever…

The guy at the hostel offered me Tinto. I thought it was wine. But he meant Pinto, which turned out to be coffee. Meanwhile, police was just hanging around with the millions of motorbikes driving like crazy and the pick-ups with their boots full of speakers. Noisy!!

The road from Mondoro goes up and down all the time. Up more than down. I found it pretty hard to be honest!! Still, it’s full of shops and bars so you can stop anywhere. There’re couple of towns as well, Pineda being the main one.

The road is still perfectly paved and the hard shoulders are clean. I found lots of traffic though; that’s weird, since I was cycling much earlier than on previous day. Maybe here they do everything earlier…

There’re police checks everywhere. They don’t stop cyclists and they always say hi! Most of them seem like really good lads, even if the guns they carry can be frightening.

2 guys cycled with me for a while: a local, just going home by bike and who told me how bad the employment is in Popayán, and a really young lad who was training for the national championship (in pre-juveniles). Good luck Jon!!

After the last “pass”, I stopped for some food (cucas, which I think means cookie) and headed for last 10 kms. They’re quite easy!!

Popayán felt huge!! Took me ages to get into town center. But it is a nice city. Actually, it could be the last city in a long while…


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