Norway 2013. Day 3: Hornindal – Grotli

24th of July, 2013.norway 2013 day 3

The road from Hornindal to Stryn is very nice as well. Specially the kilometers by the lake, the first ones. Arriving to Stryn brings you back to the fjords also, and that’s always good!

Stryn felt like the right place for lunch. Again, in Norway always feels good arriving to lively towns! It makes you want to stay there.

mirrors againFrom there onwards the road turns spectacular again. The lakes are just awesome, and so are the mountains. I stopped for millions of pictures and for a swim, but could’ve stopped for the night as well (yes, I was feeling quite lazy that day…).

green mirrors

Once you leave the lakes, obviously, the climbing begins. It’s not an easy climb, but it’s a very nice one. Maybe not as much as the one in Geiranger, but then again almost nothing is.

First kilometers go through the main road, and that means the cars can go quite fast. Still, the road is pretty wide and you feel safe. And once you reach the tunnels (after a nice big waterfall), you must take the small road with almost no traffic, so everything’s nice again.

water falling

BIKES ARE NOT ALLOWED THROUGH THESE TUNNELS. And it’s for the best, trust me!

The bike route is hard climb through and old road. There’s a posh hotel at the beginning, and nothing else until Grotli. The ski resort was closed when I cycled through (it’s located at the top lf the hill), even the bar.

rainbows and rainOnce you reach the top (and by then you should be happy because of the great views you have just had), the road goes unpaved. Still, it’s a good road, so no big worries. Cars drive there without a problem.

I think this is the best part of this road. Those flat kilometers on the top. Lakes, small glacies, snow, rocks… It’s just great. It looks like painted.

not getting darkI had to stop because rain came. I covered myself in one of those red shelters you find almost everywhere in Norway. Moskitoes came as well, and that was harder!!

From the top is a nice and short downhill to Grotli. Not steep at all. Just so you can enjoy the views and the road.



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