Norway 2013. Day 1: Grotli – Geiranger

22th of July, 2013.norway 2013 day 1

Click on the image to see map

From the main road, Grotli doesn’t look like a town. It’s only a hotel. But lost in the hills are couple of houses that do make it a town. Still, no supermarket nor anything else here. It’s a good place to park the car and leave it there for couple of days, but nothing else.

Oh, there’s also a plane. A crashed plane. Whatever.

GrotliThe road from Lom (or even Otta) is a very nice road anyway. So if you’re thinking on cycling from there, it’s actually quite a good idea. I had no time, that’s all.

Grotli is almost at the highest of that road, so from there to Geiranger you’ve got couple of nice flat kilometers. Lakes and mountains. Just nice.

Grotli area

From the crossroad where you really take the direction to Geiranger onwards, there is a little bit of a climb. But not too much. Really easy. The view just gets better. And there’s a hotel and restaurant as well, just in case you get some rain. I didn’t.

Downhill is goodAnd then the downhill. One of the prettiest downhills in this world. At the beginning you get nothing but curves (funny curves for a bike), and then the fjord shows up little by little, and you get closer and closer. Stunning. By the way, you go from 1200 meters asl to 0…

Don’t forget to stop halfway through. There’s a point where you can see a huge waterfall, and from there the fjord looks great.

Bike and GeirangerI didn’t camp in the campsite by the fjord, and I wouldn’t recommend you to do so. Main reason is that the sun goes away from there very early, and it gets cold! There’s another campsite 1 kilometer before you reach the fjord, just before the cemetery, that gets much more sunlight, it’s located by a waterfall as well. From there, walking to the fjord takes some nice 10-15 minutes.

The town gets crowded in summer. That can feel good, since many Norwegian towns are a little bit too empty!!

By the fjord


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