Mongolia 2012. Day 19: Ulaan Bator

27th of august, 2012.

After 8 hours in 2 buses, maybe you’d think there wasn’t much more to tell. Well there is.


When I arrived to Ulan Baator, the bus dropped me in the Dragon Bus Station. I had cycled pass that place my first cycling day, I just didn’t know it was that. Not easy to recognize.

From there, 7 km into city center. It was dark by then, of course.

What to do? Set up the bike, and just ride. Surrounded by cars. Almost no light to see nor be seen. Just pedal as a fast as I could. That’s what I did.

Ulan Baator or another planet
Waiting, watching the clock

I’d do it again. Of course. You need some fun sometimes. And these were probably the 7 funniest kilometers of the trip. It’s weird to say that, and I’d had done that during the first day i’d propably would have hated it, but I was already a local. Almost. Cos you can never be a local in Mongolia

But you can like the place.



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