Mongolia 2012. Day 17: Ikh Uul – Hutbal or Hutag Öndör

25th of august, 2012.

mongolia day 17

Click on the image to see map


The town was so much more attractive with daylight. Everything is, I guess.

I had some breakfast in the streets with what I bought in one of those 3 shops that were selling the same next to each other, and left. Really felt like cycling. It was going to be a long day, or so it felt.


After a climb much longer than what I expected, started another long descend. Nothing extraordinary about this part of the road. It’s nice again, but not as impressive as some other parts. It’s good for cycling, though.Monument. Bridge and restaurant, too.

After 30 kilometers I found a real restaurant, and stopped for lunch. There were even trucks there (that’s suposed to be a sign of good food). By then, I have learnt you don’t let a good restaurant pass by in Mongolia. Some Mongolian tourist looked at my bike as if it was from another planet. Maybe that’s how I used to look at them too.

All this part, by the way, is quite dry. No sign of a tree again, but some fields were laboured.

Laboured fields

To be honest, I knew the trip was coming to an end. It was very sad, but on the other hand I was tired and needed a proper shower at some point. It was a day of strange feelings.

Once that climb was over, the road is perfect. Slight downhill (one of those you can feel), fast trail, nice valley by a river (without needing to cross it)… Just perfect for a fast ride!!! My saddlebag carrier broke, though, and made last kilometers a pain (and made me wonder whether I’d be able to ride next day!). Just made it with the sun to town. That was a great feeling!!!



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