Mongolia 2012. Day 16 Mörön – Ikh-Uul or Ih Uul

24th of august, 2012.

mongolia day 16

Click on the image to see map

After a return trip to the lake up north in the day (shared a cab going there, got a hitch on return; definitivey, go for a hitch if you can), took my way east.

The road starts paved and stays like that for some 20 kilometers (a little bit less, probably). Still, looks like this is going to change pretty soon, since both the road up north towards Russia, and the one East towards Bulgan, are almost finished and ready to be paved. So expect better condition soon. Or worse, if you see them like that. I definitively prefer unpaved roads.

Fight club

This part of the road is plain nice. Nothing major, no great views, just some quiet places. Not too much traffic, few towns, less ger camps compared to other areas. It wasn’t that bad that I could cycle fast thanks to this almost-finished road.

monument leaving Mörön

After the one and only town I found, Tosontsenger I think it was (and some really nice and cheap meal!), the cycling turns funny. More of a mountain bike trail, not too sandy most of the time, could go really fast and still enjoy it. I liked the views here, but I must say they’re nothing special.

I found some camels on the road, which, again, I didnt expect at all.


Towards the end it gets a little bit too sandy, and it’s not always too easy to ride. Not too difficult neither, anyway. It was still fun.

And after a long day (including a puncture and some hard sand on the very last kilometers!), arrived to this town where I almost had to beg for a bed. I didn’t really expect such a big town, nor that lack of beds. But I found one. You always find one.

No strength to go out for dinner (the fact there was no shower was a key factor), so I had lunch in my room and went for a sleep. My bike slept with me in the room, by the way!



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