Mongolia 2012. Day 15: Möron

22th of august, 2012.

mongolia day 15

Click on the image to see map

Early start (due to some housemates who travelled by van and didn’t want to sleep much). Sun. Great news! The beginning of the day was a neverending flat bottom of the valley, nice and colourful. It just felt great to cycle there. Slightly downhill, since there was a river crossing it, but couldn’t really notice it to be honest. Had to cross that river (and some others) couple of times as well. No big deal.

The road goes uphill again after a while. Proper mountain biking trail. Great. Fun.

Not a real pass

After a while, though, the road becomes way too wide, which means you’re close to somewhere, even though that doesnt mean much in Mongolia. I noticed I hadn’t seen no signal tower for a long time, which means I’m really far away from anywhere. There’re more cars (at least, some), and I even met… a police car!!!! Wtf?!? Don’t know where that came from.

Just when the uphill started to become tiring (and that’s some really long kilometers for me), downhill started, and it didnt finish til Moron. The weather had started to turn risky, so I hurried up, but not letting the change to have a proper lunch at a “restaurant” I found just before the road becomes very steep.

A room

The last part is really nice to go downhill. I dont think the same can be said if it’s cycled in the opposite direction. Quite sandy in the last bit, but it’s fast and fun. Maybe too steep at the beginning, if anything (and it’s a trail, not a road at all).

And the arrival to Möron (or Mörön or Moron) was… Well. Back to civilization. Maybe it felt good. But not so much.

Black market in Mörön

Moron is a nice city, quite quiet except for the black market area where it gets too crowded. Ok to spend a day. It’s very small, so dont expect anything huge. Good place to plan what to do next. And have a shower.

By the way, the last kilometer or so was paved.

Missing the sun


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