Mongolia 2012. Day 14: Jargalant – Shine Ider and beyond

21st of august, 2012.mongolia day 14

Click on the image to see map

The map may make you think there’s a paved road in Jargalant, but obviously nothing like that. It looks like you really are somewhere when you’re not. The road leaving the town shows you that. But that’s why you’re here.

Still, the road north from there is very nice. Starting by crossing the river through the newly built bridge, then some nice trails along the river, and finally a long and easy uphill rough some dusty valleys. There’re some old stones there (graveyards?), some nice pass (with its “monument”), and you might even find some direction sign along the way. The valley, again is just great.

Is it obvious I had good weather?family

Now that I think about it, this was probably the best cycling day I had. My legs were ok, I had rested enough, it was hot and sunny, the road was spectacular (both the view and the trail; stones, easy to follow, no sand, no too-big stones), and I reached the highest point of the route. Couldn’t ask for more.P8211056

There were the hardest sloopes as well. But once in a while, you want that.

The last part of the morning, the pass just before Shine Ider, is really hard. I wasn’t even sure I’d manage to cycle without putting my feet on the floor, but I managed. Hard, yet. The view from the top is really spectacular. And so is the downhill. Actually, I was really very happy I wasn’t cycling in the other direction; woah! If you’re to do this part, be sure you have good weather and your brakes are ok!!

Sinne-Idle (or Shine Ider, depends on where you look for the name) is another nice town you can’t believe it’s located where it is located. Can’t think of many places more isolated. Still, it has couple of bars, some shops, an internet place ( !?) and enough to get you some shadow before the road continues. Good memories there.

High lake

The road does continue uphill again (and you wonder if it really was necessary all that previous downhill). I found quite “a lot” of traffic actually. A bus, 2 motorbikes, 2 cars. That really was a lot!!

There’s a ger camp marked in the Lonely planet guide, and you can actually find a sign directing you there; I didn’t follow that, it looks like it takes far away from the main road. The road turns quite steep as well, so be careful! There’s a really hard pass here just before you reach the lake, and another one right after!! Besides both bridges you’ll find once you pass the lake are broken. The broken, by the way, is very nice, but I didn’t find it as attractive as previous ones. Maybe I was quite tired by then.

After the pass you must climb right after the lake, the road turns miserable for couple of kilometers. Couple of broken bridges there too. It’s just too bumpy! But it’s not long before it turns into a very nice donwnhill into some very nice valleys. All so very nice again.

Broken bridges everywhere

Just when it was getting dark and I had started thinking about setting up my tent somewhere, I found some house and decided to sleep there. It was a great choice!!! Specially when you think you very far from anywhere!!

All the maps I had for this part of the route were wrong, by the way. The distances were not correct. Even the road or route marked in wikiloc is not correct (I marked the correct one here). Whatever.


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