Mongolia 2012. Day 8: Tüvshrüüleh – Ihtamir

15th of august, 2012.mongolia day 8

Click on image to see map

It just happened that 3 VERY nice Germans had arrived at night and were sleeping in the same place. I had almost no time to talk to them in the morning, and I didn’t know I was going to have that time later on. Also, met an “excursion” of Dutch people over the bridge that takes you away from the town. They were supposed to be coming from the White Lake. Must be honest: I didn’t see the road coming from the White Lake… I guess It’s there, but I just didn’t see it!

Tsertserleg temple

The problem that day was the wind. REALLY hard. The road was very nice, but I couldn’t appreciate it properly because of the strong wind. Those 30 kms to Tsetserleg left me with no strength at all. The Germans went by in their van; I was just jealous, to be honest, of how fast and easy they were going…

Tsetserleg is a really nice town/city. The temple, the mountains, the roads, the shops, the museums… So much nicer than Kharkhorin. I had lunch in a so-called British cafe where I met the German trio again. Guys&girls, you were really nice! All the best wherever you are now (still in Siberia?!?).

I was really tired, but it was still midday, so I just decided to leave, to keep going. Bought some food in the busy supermarket next to the main road, and there we go!


Leaving Tsetserleg is quite funny: you’re supposed to pay a toll when leaving the city by car. They didn’t know what to do about my bike, so they just let me drive through. I didn’t even stop, I just said “hi!”, smiled, and kept on cycling. Uphill, by the way.

The road changes there. No paved road for 10 kms aprox, and some quite strong hills. No wind, at least. The downhill part was pretty rough as well, just take care! Once you’re on the other side of the hills, the paved road returns (and so did the wind).

Road to Ihtamir

Some easy kilometers take you to Ihtamir, where I stopped to visit a monument/old rock with ancient writings. Met some French guys going back to the main road; they were travelling with a 4×4, but I wasn’t jealous of that already… This part of the day wasn’t so hard, I guess. Still, I got wet trying to reach the paved road back.

I didn’t go into town. Slept on a house by the main road. It was owned by a family and… Well, let’s just say it was very “typical”, specially the grandma’s dress!

Great sleep, and great place to stop, since there wasn’t any other town anywhere near, as I learned next day.

Ihtamir ancient rock


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