Mongolia 2012. Day 7: Kharkhorin – Tüvshrüüleh – Tsenher

14th of august, 2012.mongolia day 7

Click on the image to see map

Sun! Good news to wake up to! Had some breakfast in the “ger camp” (or whatever it was. It definitively wasn’t a real ger camp, but some tents in the middle of town. Still, quite nice), and hit the road again, which, by the way, was paved. I was going to have paved roads all day long (but I didn’t know that yet). Sun and paved roads, perfect combination to go forward quite fast, after couple of days of off-road trails. Not too bad… except for the head wind.

Leaving KharkhorinDetail of the stuupa in Hotont

It wasn’t too hard, but enough to drive you mad sometimes.

The road in this part of the

country is really nice. Nice hills near the road, a town or somewhere to stop every 30 km or so, little traffic… It was a nice day. I met a Japanese guy who was cycling as well

where I had food (Hotont, a town where I visited a really nice stuup too).

The bad part of the day were the kids. There was a kid following me with a horse once; he saw me from far away, and he tried to come close. I kept on cycling, since that was one lf the few times I didn’t have head winds that day. So he got mad and literally ORDERED me to stop with a really angry face. I was happy I was faster than his horse.

Monument between Hotont and Tsetserleg

Then there was this group of kids in the middle of the road. 6 of them, aprox. They also wanted me to stop. I didn’t have sweets or anything to give them, so I didn’t stop. Again, they got angry. I avoided them through a side of the road, where the smallest one of them was (he must have been 6 or something). I didn’t feel very happy with all of that, though. Nor safe. Anyway, I took that out of my head and kept on cycling. Maybe the Japanese behind me wasn’t that lucky…

I stopped in a town called… I don’t know. My map was quite sh*t and no sign could be seen. I’m pretty sure it was Tüvshrüüleh, but it could be Tsenher. It was a nice town, with a hil, from where you could see the whole valley. People were quite cold and not very talkative, though. And sleeping was expensive. But I had a GREAT shower, which really made my day.

Was also funny to have the owner of the “hotel” entering my room late at night, without knocking on my door, just to see what I was doing and to touch my bike. Mongolians.

Tsenher or TüvshrüülehTsenher or Tüvshrüüleh again


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