Mongolia 2012. Day 13: Hödöö nuur area – Jargalant

20th of august, 2012.mongolia day 13

Click on the image to see map


I’m really happy I stopped there that night. Because next morning it was cold. Not cold, freezing. Every water around me was absolutely frozen. I rode on ice first 5 kms. Wow.

After a polite breakfast with that family, time to leave. Played with the kids, early start, sun & blue skies. The road goes uphill but it’s a nice and easy hill. Nice river, good enough views.


The top is ok (it was covered in snow), but nothing special. A very steep downhill (I wish I had no saddlebag!!!), and I arrived to one of the best parts of the whole trip. A VERY nice valley, created by a blue, pure river, full of gers, with some nice and original wooden bridges. The kids can be a little bit too much sometimes, but it feels great! It’s mostly downhill, but not 100%. must climb sometimes. There’s a temple half way through, which is quite nice as well. The trees, the shape of the forest, the unending kettle… Just nice!!!


And finally, Jargalant. Or Jargaland.

I really liked Jargalant. It was the first town like that I reached. It’s small, but the roofs are painted in different colors. There’s a bank, a petrol station (but no pavement, of course), and couple of shops. There’re some public showers, but they were closed when I got there. The same goes for the museum (and I couldn’t find the owners!). Nothing special, just nice.P8200975

I decided to stop there. I needed a rest. A shower in the river. Sleep. Some proper food. Sun. That was the day.P8201009



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