Mongolia 2012. Day 11: Tariat – near Tsagannuur

18th of august, 2012.mongolia day 11

Click on the image to see map

Sun but clouds approaching. Whatever. Time to leave.


This time I found the exit of the town with no mistakes, crossed that pretty old wooden bridge, and started cycling in a beautiful environment towards the volcano. It was really nice amongst the trees. Payed my entrance fee, by the way.

I made my stop for the volcano (lots of cars and lots of foreigners there), walked up to the crater, took millions of pictures, and kept going. The road here, in the northern rim of the lake, is a mountain road, basically 2 marks from the wheels of the 4x4s. It’s not as flat as you’d expect, and there are actually some really hard short climbs (one of them I had to walk, since it wasn’t easy to cycle). You must cross 4 or 5 rivers too, and some of them can be very muddy due to traffic.

Leaving Tariat

Sadly, the rain got me, and I had to stop. I set up my tent on a small beach by the lake, and even though I thought I’d be able to keep on cycling later on the day, I couldn’t. It was a really beautiful place to spend the night, even if the wind (and the fact that you can set up the tent in the sand properly) didn’t let me sleep much. At least I was going to have a nice swim next morning. Not a shower, but maybe better!

Lake from volcanoP8180846P8180889


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