Mongolia 2012. Day 10: Tariat

17th of august, 2012.mongolia day 10

Click on the image to see map

Woke up really early, some sun in the sky. So I packed asap, and started cycling (uphill), hoping to do those last 20 kilometers easily. It wasn’t THAT easy, since there’s some sand on the road and I still had to go uphill for a while, but they were some really pretty kilometers. It’s a good mountain bike ride, actually.

I met the French guys with their quads again. Obviously, the managed to make it all the way to Tariat. They were nice again, but I was happy when the noise from their motorbikes was far away.

Arriving to Tariat you cross the river again (which is really impressive) via a brand new bridge (and you’re happy it’s there). The road is quite a pain for last 2 kilometers, really bumpy, but the surroundings help a lot.

South rim of Tariat lake

Tariat is, as always, much more smaller than what you’d expect. Still, there’s a petrol station, a bank, some supermarkets, and even a “hotel”. And I definitively needed a bed that night. I’d been good if it had had a shower as well… (which was something you could expect from the high price of the room).

Since it was quite early, I cycled to the lake. I chose the southern side, which was a good thing i did (even if, at the time, I thought I got it wrong, because I wanted to visit the volcano as well, and I thought it was on that shore too). The southern shore is closer to Tariat, but the road is hell! Probably worst 5 kilometers in Mongolia! Really bumpy! Looks like they could pave it sometime in the future, but not going to happen anytime soon.

River in the south rim of Tariat lake

Still, you cycle next to the river, and that part of the river is just awesome (and I managed to have a bath there too; at the time I didn’t know it’d be my last shower for couple of days…). The lake, itself, is a little bit more “boring” on that shore, but still pretty good. More traffic here than on the northern part. I’d deffinitively recommend this shore just for a visit; the north is way better.

And that was it for the day. Reading, sunbathing, warming up, bathing made my day. You can’t ask for more in Mongolia, really. Or maybe yes, you can.

Tariat lake


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