Huelva 2012. Day 5: Sevilla – Santa Olalla de Calá

Day 5: Sevilla – Burguitos – Santa Olalla de Cala. 80 km.

December 31st, 2012huelva etapa 5

Woke up in what is the cheapest place I’ve found in Europe (10 euros per bed, breakfast included, in the very city centre of Sevilla), and started pedalling my last day. Sun was up again, but quite cold.Sevilla (hostel). Huelva 2012.

Leaving Sevilla was increadibly easy. Ok, it was sunday morning, but still, I found no traffic at all, and managed to leave the city in about 10 minutes (just follow Dr. Fedriani Avenue straight on and you’ll be on the way). Still surrounding areas are nothing special. Cycled through La Rinconada and Alcalá del Río, and even though they were good cycling spots (the road is flat and there wasn’t much traffic), nothing special.Sevilla. Huelva 2012.

Took the left turn once you pass Alcalá del Río towards Burguillos expecting a much better view, but still nothing. Things get better once you pass Burguillos, just as the road begins to get more steep. But nothing special. Just a nice exercising day (I almost took no picture at all).

Things start to get better after Castilblanco de los Arroyos. There’re some nice bars in town where you can go for a rest before you get into next empty 30 kms. That’s what I did, at least, and it was a good decission! I had almost no lunch that day (just some bread on a supermarket in Castilblanco, right before I repaired a flat tyre), because I wanted to taste the winter sun as much as I could. It was a good decision.
Almadén de la Plata. Huelva 2012.
The road to Almadén de la Plata is a nice road, really nice. You’re in Natural Park limits again, and you can tell. Really good road, some easy hills, 30 quiet kilometers. Just nice!

But the best was yet to come.

Almadén de la Plata is a small town surrounded by hills. Is bigger than what it may seem from the outside. A good rest just before the last part.

That last part were 17 kilometers in the middle of the Natural Park, surrounded by trees and hills and views and breeze. The sights are really nice, the road is a great (paved) cycling road with almost no traffic at all, couple of nice stops halfway through… Couldn’t really think of a better way to end this minitrip!!!Santa Olalla de Calá. Huelva 2012.

Arriving to the car was nice and sad at the same time. Glad it was still there, untouched, but quite sad the bike was going to be over for quite some time.

I’ll be back in the area though. For sure.


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